There are huge benefits to training full body workouts which is why we focus on this style of training at BSF.

There are so many ways you can change up your weekly workout routine but to be honest it can be so overwhelming with all the information out there.

At BSF we structure all our programming around total body workouts. This is when you hit the whole body with a few exercises in each workout session, as opposed to the bodybuilding style of splitting body parts of chest one day and back the next or an upper-body/lower-body split.

Here’s the reasons we choose to focus on full body workouts:


One of the biggest benefits to full-body training is the fact that it requires hitting the gym only three days a week, instead of five or six on a split training plan. Perfect if you’ve got a crazy-busy schedule and not a lot of time to train every day. Or if you miss a workout, it’s not a big deal when you only need to get to the gym two or three days a week.


Full body workouts allow you to strength train 2/3 days a week, leaving time for recovery (especially if you’re a beginner), or maybe to train in other sports and activities whether it be football, running training for a 5/10k run, golf or yoga.


When performing full body workouts there is a big emphasis on movement quality and using compound exercises which incorporate more muscles in one go. Therefore giving you a bigger bang for your buck in terms of changing the body.


The more frequency you use to stimulate a muscle group, the more likely hood it is to grow and get stronger. Varying the the intensity should also be taken into consideration, changing the the types of exercises and rep ranges so as not to overtrain or risk of injury. Having high and low days are a good way to break this up, meaning you can lift heavy on a Monday, then a lighter day on a Wednesday.


Performing full body sessions will produce higher energy expenditure per workout than performing split routines generally due to a large amount of muscle mass used in each session. Let’s say for example squats, chin ups and deadlifts will induce more of a metabolic response, compared to an arm session of bicep curls or triceps push downs.


Full-body workouts offer amazing fat loss benefits too, because you typically train at a slightly higher intensity level than split training to help burn extra calories and fat. And the full rest day in between workouts helps avoid overtraining, which can have a catabolic effect on muscle.

Hopefully this might give some clarity on why we use this method of programming. At the end of the day there is no “magic” programme, what is the most important thing to remember is that consistency is key and you can rest assured that those who achieve the best results from their training are turning up week in, week out and building it into an integral and enjoyable part of their lifestyle.

Please note: there is a time and place for insolation moves but these should be viewed as the “icing on the cake” or a way to work on weak or lagging body parts and not for the majority of your programme.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, or if you live near our gym in Chigwell, Gravel Lane then feel free to pop in and check out what we do here at BSF.